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Adopt A Carousel Horse

ALL of our 21 carousel horses have been adopted! And just in time for Christmas. Thank you so much, and see you next year!


You can also etch your name into our hearts, or engrave a movie theatre seat.


We rescued these poor, cold, hungry carousel horses alone in the world and brought them in. They are safe and warm now at Play-Place for Autistic Children, BUT:


They have no names, and no one to love them. No horse deserves to live without a name! That's where you come in.


Be as creative as you want, or name him or her after a loved one. Your name lasts an entire year!


Your $100 donation to adopt a carousel horse goes directly to programming and construction costs for Play-Place for Autistic Children. Thank you for giving a home not just to these beautiful carousel horses, but also to families affected by autism.


See you across the finish line!


No. 13
Alberti Family
What If...
Brendan Squarepants
Bass Clef
Joe, Tom, Brian
Danielle Thomas
Eight Belles
Mieke Deraad
Heavenly Starr
Uncle Claw
The Chief


Please note: Play-Place for Autistic Children reserves the right to reject any etching, engraving, name, or otherwise that is offensive in nature, at our discretion. We recommend using "G-rated" language and content. Remember, we are all about inclusion, acceptance and support!