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Etch Your Name Into Our Hearts

...And Stars.


That's right, we have gorgeous wood pieces that are ripe for laser engraving. Our loose theme is family names!


We have 81 of these still available, at $25.00 each. These will be displayed in the Inspiration Hall, so all our families affected by autism can see that their community (affected and non-affected alike!) loves and supports them.


All heart & stars donations are earmarked specifically for construction expenses.


Families affected by autism are counting on you! Thanks for all your help.

You can also adopt a carousel horse, or engrave a movie theatre seat.


$25.00 donation

*Remember to include what you would like (heart or star) and

what your etching will be, at the end of checkout.





Please note: Play-Place for Autistic Children reserves the right to reject any etching, engraving, name, or otherwise that is offensive in nature, at our discretion. We recommend using "G-rated" language and content. Remember, we are all about inclusion, acceptance and support!