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Engrave A Movie Theatre Seat

Engrave your affection for autism services onto our metal plaques, to be displayed in our movie theatre for all of 2016!


These plaques will be adhered to the backs of our movie theatre seats, so families can enjoy seeing their friends and neighbors' names. This money is firstly to help finance construction costs, but we also want to let our families know that their autism community has their backs.


There are only 23 seats still available and each engraving costs $40.00. Our families are counting on you!

You can also adopt a carousel horse, or etch your name upon our hearts.


$40 donation

*Remember the number of the seat you would like!

There is a space to type your seat choice at the end of the donation form.





Please note: Play-Place for Autistic Children reserves the right to reject any etching, engraving, name, or otherwise that is offensive in nature, at our discretion. We recommend using "G-rated" language and content. Remember, we are all about inclusion, acceptance and support!