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My family and I wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed the halloween bash. In fact the kids are still talking about it! We are so grateful to Shell and the team for all their hard work. We felt very welcome and relaxed, the staff working were very kind and friendly. Also the young girls working the events were AWESOME! They were patient with the kids and had a smile on their face the whole time! God Bless all of you for what you do for these kids!
Beatrice B.
You are a great mother. Thank you for posting these videos. My own son is severely Autistic and thank God for my in-laws who support us 10000%. People judge us also, and on occasion have mentioned group homes etc. We love Jory and think of him as a blessing and NOT a burden. I wish these people would just mind their business. James is a beautiful young man, I can't wait to see more.
The neat thing about charities is they make you feel good for having a disabled child. Thanks guys!
Jessica Miller
I am an advocate for all children. I especially have a soft spot for children with special circumstances and needs. I admire your courageousness and willingness to make a difference. Special children have exceptional moms!
Sonyelle M.
I am truly excited about what lies in store for PAC. When the motive for caring comes straight from the heart, nothing but good things can follow!
Delphine Reed
The Halloween party was excellent! Thank you for caring about kids with autism and other special needs.
Melissa V. Parry
Thank you for all the get togethers you have. My family really appreciates it. Also please give a special thank you to "Shell" for taking the time to put together such a fantastic feast for the taping we attended. We are still talking about how special it was to us and the children. Thank you so very much... and god bless you!
John Burge Jr.
We loved the fun family day. I can't wait for the grand opening. PAC will be able to help my son so much!!!
Allecia Reynolds
I love the idea. This is an underserved market.
Clifford Freitas
PAC is the best thing to happen to our family.
Laura & Tim W.
It was as if we were meeting a group of long lost family members that greeted us with kindred spirits of acceptance and love
Darryl & Myra T.
Good morning. I am a mother of 6 year old twins. One of which has severe cognitive impairments with autistic tendencies. He could be more autistic than anything. It is truly hard to diagnose. Anyhow, I saw an article in my local Sterling Heights paper and was ECSTATIC that someone is doing what you are! I can not even begin to tell you how happy this makes me! I have always dreamed of a special needs play place. I even had a location in mind, but working fulltime myself, it is doubtful to ever come to fruition. So, again, I cannot tell you how excited I am!
Greg & Nicole
Love this idea. I live in the area and we have needed something like this for a long time. Thank you. I will be coming when it is ready.
Colleen Sikora
Good Morning! My son Alex (13 y.o.) has autism. He is the biggest love and joy in our home! Yesterday, Alex received a flyer "Play Place". I was over-joyed! Finally, somewhere for OUR special kids. I got really tired of trying to take Alex to Chuck E. Cheese and the likes, only to end up watching my son like a hawk because others refuse to understand a child with autism. I had wondered if a place like this would ever open....here you are!
Ericka Bryant